Create a Space
Ready to create your own Space? You can set up your own ZEP Space with just a couple of clicks! Once you sign in to ZEP, click on the Create space button.
Option 1: Choose a Template
If you'd like to use one of our templates to start quickly, look no further! You can create your Space based on one of the many ZEP templates - small/large offices, pubs, party rooms, and even beachfronts!
Option 2: Create your own
If you are feeling creative, you can choose to design your own Space by clicking on the Empty template. You will then be taken to the Space editor where you can create with various tilesets and objects at your leisure.
Name Your Space
Once you choose from one of the options above, you will get a second pop up window. You can name your Space and also decide whether to make the Space Public or Private. Turn the Set Private Space toggle switch on to password protect your Space. You can always toggle between Private and Public settings by accessing the Space Setting from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen (if you are the Space owner).
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