Explore & Interact
You can easily move through ZEP on a keyboard using the arrow keys or the WASD keys. You can also navigate using your mouse by clicking on a spot on the Space to walk to it.
Participants Button
You can use the Participants button to activate various functions relating to other characters in the same Space. Each person's video and audio can be toggled, and you can also click on a person’s name to bring up a context menu. This menu lets you buzz them (Ring) or kick them from the space (if you are the Space owner).
You can chat publicly with anyone in the same Space by typing in the chat panel located on the bottom of the screen. You can toggle the size of the chat window by clicking an arrow icon located on the top right corner of the chat window—this is useful when you need to review large amounts of chats quickly.
Copy Outfit & Follow
The Follow Feature allows someone to easily locate and approach another person without having to move their own character around a space. To activate follow mode, click on the person's name in the Participants list and select Follow.
Alternatively, you can also click on a person’s avatar and select Follow.
While you are in a Space, you can easily respond to the current situation and let others know how you are feeling by using emotes! You can access emotes by clicking on the Smile button on the chat panel and selecting the emote you wish to display. All reactions can be pressed repeatedly, except for the dance, which not be reactivated until the dance routine is completed.
You can easily invite people to your Space by using the Invite function. Click the Invite button on the bottom right of the Space, click on Copy Invite Link and share. If the Space is password-protected, the password will appear at the bottom for your reference.
Adjust Participants' Audio / Video
You can click on a participant's video to enlarge the video feed if you need to view the video stream more closely. You can also adjust the location & alignment of the participants' videos by clicking on the Layout menu on the top right corner—you can toggle between vertical & horizontal alignment mode.
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