Useful Tools
ZEP provides users with a multitude of useful tools that can enhance the virtual gathering experience. The following functions are available once you click the + button located to the left of the chat panel. Note that when tools are activated, they usually manifest in the form of small blocks that appears at your character's location. Once you are done using a tool, you can dismiss it by jumping (spacebar on a PC and double tap on a mobile device) on the relevant block!

+ Button Functions

Click the + button to the left of the chat box to show a list of the following functions:
You can easily link YouTube videos (or live feeds) into the Space simply by pasting the YouTube link after you click the Youtube button. You can also type in a keyword to quickly search the relevant video search results directly from the popup window. Once embedded, a YouTube block will appear where your character is located. Once you are done watching the video, you can jump on the block to remove the video link.
You can easily share images in the Space by clicking the Image button. You can select an image from your hard drive or camera roll. Once the image is embedded, an image block will appear where your character is located. Once you are done with the image, you can jump on the block to remove the image.
Click on Whiteboard to bring up a virtual whiteboard on which you can draw shapes, place images, and write text. You can use the whiteboard to share and explain your ideas with others.
Place a Portal
You can quickly move between different Spaces you have created by placing a portal. After you click the Portal button, you will see a dropdown menu showing a list of your Spaces. Once you choose the Space, a portal will appear where your character is located. If you move your character away and move back into the portal, you will get a Go to map prompt which you can click to move to the chosen Space. Other characters in the Space can also access the portal to teleport. After a bit of time, the portal will automatically disappear.
Play Mini Games
You can play various games with participants in the Space by choosing one of the games available through the Play game button. Clicking on the button will pull up a list of the following games:
  • Liar game - one person does not know the keyword and must lie. Find out who!
  • Hangul quiz - state words that start with the given consonants.
  • Avoid poop - avoid getting hit by poop. Last person standing wins!
  • Zombie game - run from the zombie players and try to keep from becoming one yourself!
Share My Screen
Screen sharing can facilitate meetings. You can click on the Share my screen button located on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, and will pull up another pop-up window that allows you to choose between the following options: full-screen sharing, window sharing, or specific browser tab sharing. Note that if you use a browser other than Google Chrome, you may only be able to share your entire screen. If you would like to use other sharing options, please use Google Chrome.
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