Space Settings
If you are the owner of a Space, you can adjust the Space’s settings by pressing the More button on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen and selecting Space Settings!
On the Space Settings screen, you can set or change basic information such as the Space’s Name, Description, Thumbnail image, and descriptive Tags. A thumbnail image can be uploaded from your computer as a .PNG file. You can also set whether the Space is Public (Link only) or Private (Password only) and the Entry map. You can use Limit email domain and/or Guestlist to restrict access to those with an email address within a given domain or those specifically listed, respectively.
A guestlist can be uploaded from your computer as a .CSV with the headers Email, Name, and Description, and an already uploaded guestlist can be appended to or downloaded. The Email field is the email address of the person to add to the guestlist, the Name field is the name that their avatar will have in the Space (this cannot be changed by the user), and the description is for notes which are only visible when looking at the list in a text editor. Please see the example .CSV below for the proper format.
Further down on the same screen, you can set a Google Analytics ID and also send invitations by entering email addresses under Invite member.
You can also view information about currently connected members (Name, Role, Status, Joined at time). In the dropdown menu listed on the right in line with the member's information you can set the user's role.
The roles can be set as follows:
  • Normal: A normal player has no privileges for commands in chat, Space settings, or map editing.
  • Editor: An editor may edit a Space's map, but may not edit its settings or use commands in chat.
  • Staff: Staff can edit the map, edit the Space's settings, and use commands in chat. They may also invite new players and adjust their roles. However, they may not delete the Space.
  • Owner: An owner has full control over a Space, including the ability to delete it entirely.
An owner may click the Delete space button to delete the current Space.
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