Map Editor
You can use the map editor to decorate your map however you want. You can start the map editor by clicking the white Edit button on the bottom right of the Space screen.
When you click the button, the Toolbar appears at the top of the screen. Detailed settings for each button appear on the right side of the screen.
  1. 1.
    Floor: Click the Floor button or press the 1 key to use this tool.
  • Floors & Walls: Select the tiles to be placed.
  • Set background music: Upload a music file stored locally to use as background music.
  • Set background: Upload an image file stored locally to use as a background.
  • Set foreground: Upload an image file stored locally to use as a foreground.
2. Wall: Click the Wall button or press the 2 key to use this tool. You can select the wall tiles to be placed on the right side of the screen.
3. Tile effects: Click the Tile effects button or press the 3 key to use this tool. The special effects that can be added to tiles appear in a list on the right side of the screen.
  • Impassable: Designates tiles as impassable.
  • Spawn: Sets the spawn point.
  • Portal: Sets a teleport location within the space.
  • Private Area: Designates a private discussion area.
  • Spotlight: Designates a spotlight location
  • Web Links: Embeds web tool links. These are links that will be embedded into the Space upon activation by a player.
  • Map Location: Specifies specific regions to act with Zep Script.
  • Ambient sound: Sets background music.
  • Web in Tile: Embeds a web site in a tile. This function is different from Web Links above, since the link will be embedded in the tile as soon as the Space is entered.
  • Web Portal: Designates external web links. These links open in a new tab in the user's browser. They are not embedded.
4. Objects: Click the Objects button or press the 4 key to use this tool. Objects to be set on the map can be selected on the right side of the screen. You can click Upload object to use a locally stored image file as a custom object. If you click Text object a popup window appears in which you can enter text. Enter your desired text in the popup window so you can insert it into the map.
Once an object is set, an Object settings popup window appears.
  • Type:
    • Show note is used to display a message upon interaction with the object.
    • Show image displays an image upon interaction with the object.
    • Password door allows you to require a password in order for players to pass through the object.
    • Link website allows you to link a website which will open in another tab.
    • Embed website allows you to embed a site. Remember, YouTube videos embedded this way must follow the embed format as described above.
  • Tooltip: Sets a message to show when the player is close to the object.
  • Active distance: Sets how close a player must be to trigger the object.
Stamp: Copies floors, walls, tile effects, and objects. Eraser: Removes floors, walls, tile effects, and objects. Undo: Click Undo or press ctrl+z to undo your last action. Redo: Click Redo to re-do your last action.
Resize map: Clicking this causes a popup window to appear in which you can enter values for the map’s width and height. Space settings: Please refer to the page on Space settings.
Arrow: Click Arrow or press the E key to use this tool to drag through different parts of the map.
Play: Press Play to save your changes and connect to your Space.

Map Manager

Access the Map manager by going to the lower left portion of the map editor screen.
The Map manager is where you can manage multiple maps within the same Space. Maps within a Space can be linked to each other through portals.
The word "entry" outlined in purple next to a map name indicates that it is the entrance map. This map serves as the entry point for the Space and the base layer. It cannot be deleted.
Click Create map to open up the new map creation dialog box. From here, you can either select Official ZEP maps or view Purchased maps obtained from the Asset Store.
If you have more than one map then you can click the upward pointing arrow on the top right corner of the Map manager to expand the list of maps. Selecting a map to begin editing it collapses the map list.
Click the three dot menu to bring up the following options:
  • Edit: Brings up the Edit map dialog box as shown below.
  • Name: You can adjust the map's name here.
  • Video chat layout: Change the default video chat layout to Top, Right, or Grid here.
  • Video chat activate distance: Use this to set the distance at which video chat activates.
  • Video chat deactivate distance: Use this to set the distance at which video chat deactivates.
  • Other options:
    • Diable all video/audio chat (excluding Spotlight, Private area)
    • Enable spotlight for staff
    • Only audio chat
    • Disable embed (Available only for owner)
    • Disable direct link address
    • Disable private messaging
  • Delete: Deletes the current map in the space. Please note that the starting map cannot be deleted. A dialog box appears in which you can confirm or cancel the deletion.
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Map Manager