Minigame Guide

OX Quiz

The OX Quiz is a game about correctly answering quiz questions as they appear in order to survive. Last all the way to the end by answering all of the test giver's questions correctly!
Getting Started
The game starts after the test giver sets at least one question and then clicks QUIZ READY. When the OX Quiz starts, all players on the map are moved to the quiz area. Each question appears for 20 seconds, players must try to choose correctly between O and X each time.
A player who gets an answer wrong is moved to a designated area. Get every answer correct to survive!
Setting the Game
Before getting started, you should move to the location you want. Make an OX Quiz block by selecting OX Quiz from the game list.
If the OX Quiz block has been summoned, then the test giver can type !oxmaster into the chat box to bring up the settings menu.
Locations must first be set in order to play OX Quiz.
  • oxquiz_start: The location to which players move at the start of the OX Quiz.
  • oxquiz_fail: The location to which players move when they fail a question or the game ends.
  • oxquiz_o: The name of the O location.
  • oxquiz_x: The name of the X location.
  • QUIZ READY: The button to start the OX QUIZ. Press this button to move players to the location of oxquiz_start.
Each location name must be the same as the MAP LOCATION name.
Once you have set the locations and your questions and answers, use the GO! button to start the OX Quiz.
If you would like to finish the OX Quiz, use the Finish Game! button. Press this button, and then all players will be moved to the Fail Location.
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