Hello ZEP Script

What is ZEP Script?

ZEP Script is a powerful scripting language designed to operate on ZEP.

It offers a wide range of foundational systems such as avatar and object manipulation, payment integration, chat functionality, and real-time capabilities. Even if you're new to coding, ZEP Script makes it easy to get started.

With ZEP Script, you can unleash your creativity and build a variety of applications, including games, calendars, visitor lists, utility apps, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

Start exploring the world of ZEP Script and create your very own metaverse app.

ZEP Script Use Cases

ZEP Script is easy to use, and anyone can use it!


You can develop a wide range of enjoyable games with the help of ZEP Script.

​Rabbit Mountain

🐰 Visit Now (only available in Korean)

In this Rabbit Mountain map, players control their avatars to ascend the mountain while avoiding rolling snowball obstacles.

These descending snowballs were created using the gameplay elements from the mini-game "Avoid Poop."

Bonbon School Detectives (Escape Room)

🕵️ Visit Now

Step into the shoes of a detective in this immersive escape room game. Players must uncover clues, solve puzzles, and complete tasks within a limited time frame to escape from the game setting.

Experience the excitement of this captivating game with the applied vignette effect.

Boxing Arena

🥊 Visit Now

Experience the intense Boxing Arena, inspired by the mini-game "Boxing Match."

Press Z to throw punches at another player. Safeguard your HP blocks and strive to be the last survivor.

The last survivor earns the title of the Boxing King.

🎉 Events

With ZEP Script, you can plan and host interactive events that engage participants.

Klaytn Museum

✈️ Visit Now (only available in Korean)

Immerse yourself in the Klaytn Museum, a Space that showcases the technical prowess of Klaytn through the utilization of ZEP Script.

UNICEF Sponsors Event Space

The mission and work of UNICEF are brought to life through the implementation of ZEP Script. Users can explore interactive maps and engage in natural learning experiences.

Jet Land Event Space

✈️ Visit Now (only available in Korean)

This Space is themed around the Samsung vacuum cleaner brand "Jet". With its theme park-inspired design, users can immerse themselves in a variety of games and entertainment options brought to life through the power of ZEP Script.

You can provide users with an exciting and enjoyable experience, showcasing the fun elements created using ZEP Script.

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