ZEP Guidebook (EN)

Welcome to ZEP!

Anyone can create their very own metaverse.
Welcome to ZEP, a virtual space where users can easily move, speak, and interact with other community members and objects. ZEP allows users to create virtual chatrooms that resemble real-life offices, classrooms, social gatherings, and businesses.
Trying to work online with teammates? Check. Trying to socialize with friends? Check. Trying to host a virtual beachfront party? ZEP has spaces for whatever you want.
The ZEP platform allows users to explore and engage with one another and to express their own personalities by customizing their avatars. Additionally, links, documents, videos, and game features allow for enhanced functionality. ZEP also utilizes spatial audio and video features to simulate user avatars' physical proximity to one another.
Simply choose from one of our predesigned spaces or create your own. The sky is the limit with ZEP—unleash the creativity within you!

Want to deep dive?

Dive a little deeper and start exploring the ZEP metaverse with our beginner guides:
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