💻ZEP Script Guide

Anyone can create an app that runs in ZEP!

ZEP Script boasts a number of functions beyond what is included in the Map Editor. ZEP Script allows users to change avatar or object sprite sheets, customize the UI, turn invisible, etc.

You can create your very own metaverse app using ZEP Script. Create unique games, calendars, visitors’ lists, utility apps, and so much more!


  • Javascript Development Tips

  • TypeScript Development Tips

  • ZEP Script Deployment Guide

  • ScriptAPP

  • ScriptMap

  • ScriptPlayer

  • ScriptWidget

  • Tutorials

    • Displaying a Message

    • Changing Avatar Image

    • Using HTML

    • Communicating with an External API

    • Creating a 2-second Stun Effect

  • ZEP Script Example Code

    • Timer

    • Zombie Game

    • Paintman Game

    • Hangul Quiz Game

    • Avoid Poop Game

    • Boxing Game

    • Sidebar App

    • Race

Tutorials (Available in Korean)

Step-by-step 🔥 metaverse development guidance on ZEP!

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