ZEP Script FAQ

Q. Can I change the avatar’s appearance using ZEP Script?

Yes, after loading the sprite sheet, you can apply it and change the avatar’s appearance when a specific event occurs. Please check the Changing Avatar Image page.

Q. Is ZEP Script free to use?

Yes, developing and deploying apps using ZEP Script is free.

Q. Is it possible to charge users using ZEP Script?

Not at this time, but we plan to add a cash purchase and cryptocurrency purchase feature.

Q. Can I sell an app created using ZEP Script?

It is not possible currently, but it will be in a future update.

Q. Is there an easier way to debug an app created using ZEP Script without deploying it?

We are preparing an improved developer environment, but it is not available at this time.

Q. Can I use a different programming language to develop ZEP Script?

Currently, the ZEP Script development environment only supports JavaScript.

ZEP Script supports JavaScript API Call. For more information, please refer to the Communicating with an External API page.

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