Provided below are all the attribute values pertaining to Map. Currently, the Map’s width and height fields cannot be seen.

🔒 Fields with this icon are read-only fields that cannot be revised.


🔒 width

Calls the map’s width value.

🔒 height

Calls the map’s height value.

📚 API Explanation and Example

width & height

Map.width : Number Map.height : Number

Calls the map’s width and height values.


Display the map’s width and height values on the chat screen.

// Activates function when q is pressed  
// **[App.addOnKeyDown Description (Link)](**
App.addOnKeyDown(81, function (player) {
	App.sayToAll(`map's horizontal size: ${Map.width}`);
	App.sayToAll(`map's vertical size: ${Map.height}`);

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