Object Interaction with ZEP Script

You can create a script by detecting an event with ZEP Script that occurs when interacting with an object installed in the Map Editor.

In order to do this, you have to install an object that interacts with ZEP Script in the Map Editor as in the following.

  1. Write a script as below and run the app. Then the value you have entered in advance will be shown when interacting with this object.

App.onObjectTouched.Add(function (sender, x, y, tileID, obj) {
    if (obj !== null) {
        if (obj.type == ObjectEffectType.INTERACTION_WITH_ZEPSCRIPTS) {
            App.sayToAll(`Number = ${obj.text}, Value = ${obj.param1}`, 0xFFFFFF);
    } else {
        App.sayToAll(`obj is null`, 0xFFFFFF);

Please use [obj.type == ObjectEffectType.INTERACTION_WITH_ZEPSCRIPTS] as a script condition.

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