ZEP Script Development Guide

Updated 2022.08.01

Getting Started


Anyone can create apps that run on the metaverse platform ZEP.

ZEP Script supports various functions, such as character/object manipulation and custom UI.

From creative games to productivity apps like calendars and guestbooks, anyone can create their own metaverse apps!

🔥 ZEP Script Use Cases

Development Environment

  • JavaScript (ES6)

    💡 JavaScript Development Tips

  • Typescript

    💻 TypeScript Development Guide

  • Canvas

  • Web browser (Desktop/Mobile)


Apps developed using ZEP Script can be applied to a map by selecting one of the three types below. To connect the app and the map, please refer to the Deployment Guide.

1) Mini-Game

Mini-Games are installable apps that can be installed and used on any map. In Spaces where you have permission to embed, you can embed these apps by clicking the Mini-Game button in the sidebar on the left side of the screen. The app runs the moment that it is embedded. The user that embedded the app can terminate it by jumping on it using the space bar.

2) Normal App

Normal Apps are apps that can only work on certain maps. After developing and uploading a Normal App, users with Admin or higher permissions can apply it. To apply apps, go to the sidebar > Settings > Map Settings > Add Normal App. Scripts can be applied without any additional app installation steps, although only to maps that you have permission to edit.

3) Sidebar App

Sidebar apps are apps that are displayed as an icon on the left sidebar of the PC. After developing and uploading a Sidebar App, you can add it from the sidebar > App > App Management list from the play screen of a map in which you have owner permission. In a Space where a sidebar app is installed, the sidebar app is displayed to everyone who enters the Space.

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