ZEP Script Deployment Guide

This document explains how to deploy an app created with ZEP Script.


Select all of the files to be used, including the main.js file developed with ZEP Script, image files, and widget files, and compress them.


  • The app’s file name and type must be set as “main.js”.

  • Select the individual files together to compress. Do not compress a folder.

  • The supported filename extension is *.zip.


Create an account on ZEP and sign in, on the My Spaces page click Your Profile Name > My apps (Beta).


3) Click Upload app on the My apps (Beta) page.


Click the Upload button after filling out the App name, Description, selecting the app Type, and uploading the Icon, and compressed ZEP script file.


You can install apps to your desired maps according to their App Type.

  • Normal App:

    Enter Map Editor on a map for which you have an Editor role or higher and in the Map manager in the bottom left corner click ⚙️ > Edit to bring up the Map Setting pop-up and select your App from the Application drop-down menu.

  • Mini-Game:

    Enter the play screen > Select the Mini-Game button on the side bar.

🚧 Debugging and Error Messages

When the app is executed, error messages will be displayed in red text in the chat message box for all who have permission settings of Staff or higher.

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