ZEP Guidebook (EN)

Map Editor

1. How to Access the Map Editor

In the Map Editor, you can edit and decorate your Space however you like.
You can enter the Map Editor by clicking the Map Editor icon (🔨) on the left sidebar.

2. Top Toolbar Panel

You can select various functions from the top panel. The options on the right are the type of item you are editing and the options to the left of that are the tools that will apply those items.
Next to each item is a number in parentheses which works as a shortcut key (1-5). Likewise, next to each tool is a letter in parentheses that serves the same purpose (Q, W, E, and R).
TIP: If the shortcut key is unresponsive, please make sure your keyboard language is set to English.
Top Panel
More detailed settings for floor, wall, objects, top objects, and tile effects will appear in a panel on the right side of the screen when selected.
Right Side Panel

3. Basic Editor Tools

The basic editor tools do not have more detailed settings panels and are available even if a map item is selected.
Take a look at the list of the seven tools and their descriptions below:

Stamp (Shortcut Key: Q)

This tool places floor tiles, wall tiles, objects, and tile effects on the map grid.
TIP: You can select 1x, 2x, or 4x stamp sizes to place multiple tiles or objects at once. The stamp size selection can be found in the top right of the map screen.

Eraser (Shortcut Key: W)

This tool can delete things that are already placed on the map grid. The eraser will delete items of the category you have selected, so check your selection before you start erasing.
In other words, to delete an object, select the object category on the left to view the items on the map grid and proceed to delete them by clicking the grid tile they are placed on. Note that the gear icon shows where the item is placed, so that is where you need to click in order to delete that object. Likewise, to delete a top object, follow the same process with the top object category on the left of the top panel selected.

Arrow (Shortcut Key: E)

This tool allows you to move around the map screen by left-clicking and dragging the map.

Dropper (Shortcut Key: R)

You can copy and paste floor tiles, wall tiles, objects, and tile effects. The detailed settings of an item are also copied when using this tool.
  • Select the category of the item you wish to copy
  • Select the dropper tool from the top panel
  • Click the dropper icon, which appears on an item's top-left tile (replacing the gear icon) and your tool will be auto-changed to stamp tool
  • Place the copied item wherever you like.

Undo (Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Z, cmd+Z)

This function causes the last action to be undone. The undo function can be used multiple times in a row to undo more actions. The undo function can only undo actions performed during that editing session.

Redo (Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Shift+Z)

This function causes the last undone action to return. The redo function can be used multiple times in a row to return more undone actions. The redo function can only be used after the undo function was used.

Resize Map

Clicking on Resize Map causes a dialog window to appear.
You can adjust the map size by entering the number of tiles you wish to set for the map's width and height.
Maximum Map Size: 512 tiles x 512 tiles (16,384px x 16,384px)
Each tile is 32px x 32px.
Check out the shortcut details here.