ZEP Guidebook (EN)

Floor & Wall Tiles

Floor (Shortcut Key: 1)

You can place floor tiles on the map grid. On the right-side panel, you can also set background music, a background image, or a foreground image.
When you press the Floor button on the top panel, the setting panel appears on the right side.
  • Floors: You can select the tile design for the floor and place it on the map grid's tile. Note that you can scroll to see more floor tiles.
On ZEP, each map grid tile size is 32px by 32px.
  • Set background music: You can upload a music file to play in the background.
  • Set background: You can upload a map.
    • File Type: PNG and JPG
    • Recommended Size: Less than 10MB
  • Set foreground: You can place a foreground that is layered above the avatar to give depth to your map.
Note: If the image or music file uploaded is too large, the screen may turn black. You should reduce the file size in this case. Before inviting users to your Space, it would be a good idea to make sure there are no issues by testing the Space in a mobile environment.

Wall (Shortcut Key: 2)

You can apply wall tiles on the map grid.
  • Walls: You can select the wall tile design and place it on the map grid.
Note: All wall tiles are by default impassable. If you want to make part of a background design impassable, you can also use tile effects instead of wall tiles.