ZEP Guidebook (EN)


After selecting to place objects or top objects, use the panel on the right to select the object you wish to place.
Objects larger than one tile will be placed towards the bottom right of where you click on the map grid. If you need to adjust the placement of an object, hold shift and click to move the object.

The Difference Between Objects and Top Objects

  • Object: The object layer is placed below the avatar, so if the impassible tile effect is not used, avatars will walk over it.
  • Top Object: The object layer is placed above the avatar and other objects. This allows top objects to be placed on top of objects (such as a computer on a table) and if the impassible tile effect is not used, avatars will walk under it.
Other than the layer level, top objects and objects are exactly the same.

Object Panel

  1. 1.
    Asset Store: Clicking this button will send you to the ZEP Asset Store. You can obtain more objects from the store. The object in the screenshot above is just one example. The ZEP Asset Store contains a wide selection of both free and paid assets, so go check it out!
  2. 2.
    Text Objects: You can insert text as an object using this option.
  3. 3.
    My Objects: You can create and upload your own objects.
    • In this section, there is a transparent object as well.
    • Note: We strongly recommend consulting the Objects Upload Guide if you plan to upload your own objects.
  4. 4.
    Size: You can adjust the size of the object.
  5. 5.
    Reposition X, Y: You can reposition the object by typing the pixel offset. This allows you to place an object outside of the normal constraints of the map grid.
    • The object can be repositioned by a maximum of 31 pixels in either direction (since the size of a tile is 32 pixels)
    • X’s whole number value moves the objects that many pixels to the right.
    • Y’s whole number value moves the objects that many pixels down.
  6. 6.
    Favorites: You can manage your frequently used objects here by setting them as favorites.
    • An empty heart appears when you hover your cursor over an object.
    • Click the heart and the Favorites section will appear in the panel. Click the filled heart to remove it from your favorites.

Object Settings

After placing an object on the map, you can open the object settings panel clicking the object’s top-left gear icon (
) while Stamp is selected.
  • Click the top-left gear icon
  • You can enter the detailed settings by clicking one of the functions in the Object Settings panel.
  • Object settings Window Settings and Icons [<]: This will send you from the detailed settings to the function selection.
    [X]: This closes the settings panel.
    [⋁]: This opens dropdown menus. The “Type” option will allow you to select the object function type without going back to the previous menu.
  • Name: You can set a name that will be displayed above the object.
  • Trigger range: You can set the activation range for the object.
  • Trigger method: You can set objects to trigger automatically or by pressing F.
There are four types of object settings: Display Functions, Website Functions, Pop-up Settings and Developer Functions. Pleaser refer to the page below to learn about each setting one by one.