ZEP Guidebook (EN)

Create a Quiz Show Game

How to Create a Space for Quiz Show

  • Click Create Space and choose the Quiz Show in the Official ZEP Maps tab.

How to Set up

You need to configure some settings in the Map Editor in order to play Quiz Show games in a new Space.
Click Tile Effects > select the Map Location > designate map locations as desired, following the instructions shown in the image below.
At least one of each map location should be designated on the map in order for the game to start.
  • quiz_seat_[1~50]: The location where players will be sent when the game starts. (Up to 50)
  • quiz_seat_stand: The location where the remaining players except 50 will be sent when there are more
  • quiz_mc: The location where the presenter will be.
  • quiz_fail: The location where those who fail will be sent.
  • quiz_survival: The location where survivors will be sent when the game is over.
  • quiz_reset: The location where the players except survivors will be sent when the game is over.