ZEP Guidebook (EN)

Create a Quiz Room

In the Quiz Room, you can easily create quiz games and share your quizzes with other users.
This template provides a structure for multiple-choice questions, and players must select one of the answer doors to pass to the next question.
Visit the sample Space and create your own Quiz Room!

How to Set Up

1. Start with the Template Map

  • Click Use from the Asset Store's Quiz Room page. This map is free of charge. [Go to the Quiz Room page]​
  • After clicking Create Space, select the QuizRoom from the Purchased Maps tab.
  • In the Space you just created, go to the Map Editor by clicking the Map Editor icon (🔨) on the left sidebar.

2. Set the Number of Questions

You can create up to 30 questions, and the default value for the map and app is set to 20 questions.
If you wish to set the number of questions to 10, please follow the instructions below.
1) Go to the Map Editor
2) Click the
icon (Space Settings) in the top-right corner.
3) Choose "퀴즈룸_10문제" from the Entry Map drop-down menu and click Save at the bottom of the page.
4) Go back to the Space and enter the command !zep_quizroom_set_quiz_10 into the chat window.

3. Prepare Multiple Choice Questions

1) Click Objects on the top panel.
2) Click Text Objects on the right-side panel.
3) Enter the questions, distractors, and answers you have prepared.
4) After clicking OK, click one of the blackboard tiles for questions, and one of the door tiles for each distractor and for the correct answer.

4. Select the Correct Entrance

Now you need to select which door is correct.
1) Click Tile Effects from the top menu.
2) Click Map Location for selecting the correct and wrong areas.
  • Correct: quiz[number]_correct (e.g. quiz1_correct)
  • Wrong: quiz[number]_incorrect (e.g. quiz3_incorrect)
3) After filling out the required fields, click the tiles accordingly for the correct and incorrect answers.
Make sure each Map Location area covers the full width of the door so that players cannot bypass it.

Commands for Admin

  • !zep_quizroom_set_quiz_10 (or 20, 30): Sets the number of questions to 10, 20, or 30. (Default: 20)
  • !zep_quizroom_download: Downloads the participants' list that includes dates, hashID, nicknames, grades, and how long it took for each participant to answer each question. Only completed participants' information is available.
  • !zep_quizroom_reset: Resets all the data in the Space. Be careful when using this command as the data cannot be restored after being reset.

Operation Tip

To prevent participants from sharing answers, make sure to check the options in Map Settings as shown in the image below.