Hosting an Event
If you intend to host large-scale events (such as conferences, year-end parties, concerts, etc.), please get familiarized with the below key features.

1. Space Settings

Access via below:
  • More...Space settings
  • Map EditorSpace settings
  • Password setting: You can limit access to visitors with passwords if you set the space to Private (password only) and designate a password.
  • Entry Map: If there are multiple maps in your space, you can designate the map that will become the entry point for visitors.
  • (IMPORTANT) Invite member: If you have fellow staff or co-hosts who will conduct the event, please invite them using their email address and designate them as Staff or Owner.
Please see Space Settings for further information.

2. Map Settings

Access via below:
  • Map Editor Map Manager More Edit
  • (IMPORTANT) If a Space has multiple maps, each map has its own attributes that need to be set individually.
  • (IMPORTANT) Disable Embed: We strongly recommend using this function to ensure that only staff/owners of the Space can use the embed functions and prevent unauthorized picture and/or video sharing.
  • Only audio chat: Use this function to host an event where participants will be using audio-only (other than those who are Spotlighted). We recommend using this function for events where 300+ participants access the Space from the same network environment to avoid bottleneck issues.
  • Enable spotlight for staff: Use this function to provide Spotlights for all Staff and Owners automatically. Spotlight allows affected players' audio and video to be transmitted to all other players in the same space, regardless of the distance.
  • Video chat layout (hide): We recommend hiding the video chat layout for events where many participants access the Space via mobile devices. Hiding the video chat layout allows users to have a wider visible area, which is often helpful for devices with smaller screens. Please note that players using PC can always adjust the layout manually, but players using mobile devices will not be able to change the layout settings manually.

3. Spotlight Function

If you are Staff or an Owner of a Space, you can use the Spotlight function to show the target players' audio and video to all other players in the same space, regardless of the distance.
Access via below:
  • Participants → Click on a player → Set spotlight
  • Click on a player on the map → Set spotlight
  • Type the following in the chat console → !spotlight username
  • Players who are spotlighted will have a green username displayed on their video.
  • Spotlight function is automatically reset if the affected player moves to another Space, and the Staff or Owner may need to toggle spotlight again.

4. Manage Players

An event host may encounter unexpected issues—in such cases, the below functions may be useful.
  • ZEP has several useful console commands. Learn more about them by typing!help in the chat console.
  • You can mute all players' video and audio transmissions (other than whose who are Spotlighted) by typing!muteall in the chat console. (Type !unmuteall to unmute))
Please see Commands for further explanations of console commands.

5. Conducting Games

If you intend to use the minigames to choose winners, please note the following:
  • OX Quiz: You can decide to end the game at any time. (Please refer to the Minigame Guide to get familiar with the operation.)
  • Zombie game: You can choose to reward the last survivor or the zombie player with the most infections.
  • Liar game: This game is probably not ideal for large-scale events.
  • Hangul quiz: You can choose to reward the first person who types the right answer.
  • Avoid poop: You can choose to reward the last survivor.
  • (IMPORTANT) If a Staff or an Owner jumps on the minigame block, the ongoing minigame will end immediately. Please make sure Staff and Owners understand this mechanic to avoid any unintended termination of the game.
  • To properly finish the OX Quiz, please make sure to first click on the Finish Game button and then jump on the minigame block.

6. Other Notes

  • (IMPORTANT) If a host or a speaker needs to use Share my screen function, please make sure that the player is Spotlighted.
  • (IMPORTANT) If a Staff or an Owner jumps on the minigame block, the ongoing minigame will end immediately.
  • (IMPORTANT) When using Share My Screen/Audio function, please make sure that Share system audio box is checked.
  • If there is an error on the map and it is necessary to reload it, typing !destroy into the chat window will force all players, including the owners and staff, to reconnect to the Space.

7. Useful Information

For best experience, we advise that the players know the following functions ahead of the event.
  • (Important) If there are many participants using mobile browsers, we recommend using the Chrome browser for smooth operation. In other browsers such as Safari and Firefox, there could be restrictions on some functions.
  • Use the My profile button to change the displayed username.
  • F Key: Used to interact with various portals and objects.
  • Z Key: Can be used on another player to provide a sound notification.
  • Space bar: Used to jump.
  • Please advise the participants to refrain from using image or video embedding functions during the event.