ZEP Guidebook (EN)

ZEP Usage for DAO

In ZEP, it is surprisingly easy to create a Space that only members of the DAO can enter.
ZEP is the best place for governance. Conduct a simultaneous and organic discussion in ZEP, where you can accommodate up to 50,000 users. Why not create a place for DAO members to discuss governance?
Besides governance, ZEP has various functions that allow members to enjoy interacting with one another. You can even play games, such as Mafia, or create escape rooms!
If you follow the ZEP Script guides, which will be released soon, you can customize the Space for your DAO. Don’t be surprised. All the built-in Mini-Games we currently provide were also made with ZEP Script! Create the decision-making tools that your DAO wants, including voting, Q&A, leaderboards, etc.
Last modified 6mo ago