ZEP Guidebook (EN)

Explore ZEP Space & Interact

Movement Method
  • Keyboard: You can press the arrow keys or W, A, S, D to move around the map. You can also press two keys at once to move diagonally.
  • Mouse: You can left-click your destination twice to move your avatar to that location.

Accessing the Users Menu and Profile Screen

In the top-right corner, you can click the number to the left of your avatar image in order to open the Users menu. This menu will allow you to enable or disable various user-related functions of the map. You can also click on another user’s avatar on the map to open their Profile.
On that user’s Profile, you can access various functions related to that user, such as sending ring notification, copying their outfit, or sending them a message.
Click Here to Access the Users Menu
Users Menu
  1. 1.
    User number
  2. 2.
    Search bar to find a specific user
  3. 3.
    List of users
  4. 4.
    Button to invite others
You can also check the Cam On/Off and Mic On/Off status of other users.
You can check the idle status of other users by looking at the color of their nickname.
  • Idle/Away - Yellow

How to Control & Interact


Default Chat Window Size
Enlarged Chat Window Size
You can chat with other users in the map by typing your message in the chat window at the bottom of your screen. You can enlarge the chat window by clicking the two arrows located in the top-right corner of the chat window.
Note: The enlarged version is useful when you need to quickly check a large number of chat messages.

Reactions & Dancing

By pressing one of the number keys (1-5) you can make an emoji appear above your avatar. Pressing 0 will cause your avatar to dance!
1 - Like
2 - Clap
3 - Heart
4 - Laughter
5 - Sadness
0 - Dance
When Pressing 3
When Pressing 0

Sitting Mode

You can make your avatar sit down by pressing X.


You can invite others to your current Space by clicking the Invite button located in the bottom-right corner. Click Copy Invite Link to copy the URL so you can share the link. Below the invite link, you can see the Space’s Password (if there is one) and the Invite Code.


You can access various avatar-related features from your Profile, such as decorating your avatar, changing your nickname, etc. There are various features available when you access another user’s Profile as well.
Your Profile
Other Users' Profile
  • Follow
    This feature causes your avatar to move to the other user without you having to manually move your avatar to find them.
  • Kick (24 hours)
    This feature will kick the user from the Space and prevent them from re-entering for a 24-hour period. (Please do not fool around when using this feature, as it cannot be reversed.)
Command: Input!kick Nickname in the chat window to kick the user from the Space.