ZEP Guidebook (EN)

ZEP Mini-Games

In a ZEP map, you can play various games with other participants.
Who can open a game?
How do I open a game?
How do I close a game?
On ZEP, anyone who creates a new Space and enters it can open games within the map.
To only allow specific users, such as Staff to open games, you can select Disallow guest embedding in Map Settings.
  1. 1.
    Click the game controller icon (
    ) on the left sidebar
  2. 2.
    Select the game you wish to play
The games are available in English except "초성 퀴즈". The Korean titles and descriptions will be updated into English soon. You can check both Korean and English titles below:
  • 초성 퀴즈 - Korean (Hangul) Consonants Quiz *Not available in English.
  • 봄버맨즈 - Bombers
  • 달리기 - Race
  • OX Quiz - True or False Quiz (OX Quiz)
  • 좀비 - Zombie Game
  • 페인트맨 - Paintman
  • 똥 피하기 - Avoid Poop
  • 복싱 (결투) - Boxing Match
Once you select a game, a game box will appear where you were standing.
The conditions for closing games differ depending on which game you are playing.
If you want to stop the game, even mid-game, jumping (space bar) on the game box will end the game and the game box will disappear.
Visit the individual Mini-Game pages to see more information about each game.