ZEP Guidebook (EN)

Commands & Space Settings

1. Commands

You can execute certain functions by entering commands into the chat window. Note that you can only use commands in Spaces where you have staff or higher permissions.
  • !help Lists all commands.
  • !destroy Removes all users and resets the Space.
  • !kick NAME Kicks the specified user from the room. Kicked users cannot reenter the space for 24 hours. Please note that use of the kick command cannot be undone, so use it carefully.
Screenshot of Info Message for Kicked Users
  • !clear Clears the chat window history.
  • !muteall Hides all users' audio and camera feeds.
  • !unmuteall Shows all users' audio and camera feeds.
  • !spotlight NAME Toggles the spotlight permission for the user ON or OFF. (Typing this command a second time with the same user’s NAME will turn off their spotlight permission if it has already been given to them.)
  • !spawn NAME Spawns the user at your location.
  • !chatinterval N Applies slow mode to chat. Users will only be able to post every N seconds. This command allows admin to reduce spam messages.

2. Space/Map Settings

Space owners, admin, and staff can adjust the map settings by accessing the Host Menu located at the bottom right of the map screen.
Clicking on the Host Menu will conveniently open the Map Settings menu.
The setting changes made in this menu will only apply to the current map. To adjust settings for all maps within a space click Space Settings.

3. Other settings

  • Secure Space: Secure your Space and all of its maps with a password.
  • Manage User Access: Manage user permissions and send email invitations.
For more information on permissions, please refer to the User Permissions guide.
  • Space Settings: Configure detailed settings.
  • Notice: Share any notices to everyone within the Space.