ZEP Guidebook (EN)

Host Checklist

If you intend to host large-scale events (such as conferences, year-end parties, concerts, etc.), please get familiarized with the below key features.

1. Space Settings

Recommended Settings
Invite members: You can send invitations to ZEP users and then assign Staff or Admin permission roles to those who will help you manage the event. You can also use the Editor permission role if you need someone to handle map editing.
Other Settings
  • Password Setting When you set a password, participants are required to input the password to enter the event.
  • Entry Map Setting If you have more than one map in your Space, make sure you specify the Entry Map to make sure that users will spawn where you want.

2. Map Settings

How to access Map Settings:
  • Enter Map Editor -> click the gear icon next to the map name
Note: When you have more than one map in a Space, each map must be set up individually.
Recommended Settings
Disable embed (Available only for admin): When checked, you can prevent other players from interrupting the event by embedding YouTube videos, images, mini-games, etc.
Other Settings
  • Video chat layout Selecting Hide is recommended when there are a lot of mobile users because the video layout can overlap the map content, so the video chat layout is hidden. This setting can be disabled by PC users, but may be unavailable for mobile participants.
  • Mute all video/audio chat by default (excluding Spotlight, Private area) When checked, all users’ video and audio are by default set to OFF. (This setting is not applied to Spotlight tiles or users and Private areas.
  • Enable spotlight for staff When checked, all users with owner, admin, or staff permission will have their video, audio, and screen broadcast across the whole map.
  • Only audio chat When checked, your event can be an audio-only event. This setting does not apply to spotlighted users. This setting is recommended when the network environment has more than 300 concurrent users.

3. Spotlight Feature

When holding an event that requires a presenter to be visible to users across the whole map, or if screen sharing for all users is required, you must turn on the spotlight feature for the presenter.
  • On the shared video screen, the spotlighted user’s nickname is in green.
  • Traveling to another map will disable spotlight. The presenter must have spotlight applied again. Alternatively, have the option to
    Enable spotlight for staff in Map settings screen applied. In that case, as long as the presenter has staff or higher permissions, they will have spotlight.
How to Set Spotlight (3 Methods):
From Users Menu
From Avatar
From Chat Screen
Click Users button in the upper right corner to open the users menu -> left mouse click on the spotlight recipient's profile picture -> click toggle to enable/disable Spotlight on recipient's profile menu.
Users Menu
Profile Screen Comparison Between Spotlight OFF and ON
Left mouse click on the spotlight recipient's avatar to open the profile menu -> click the toggle to enable/disable Spotlight on the recipient's profile menu
Left Click Avatar
Type the following command in the chat window !spotlight nickname. Replace "nickname" with the user’s current nickname. This command will toggle spotlight on or off depending on the user’s current spotlight status.
Example of Command Input in a Chat Screen

4. Moderating Users

Please read and understand the following instructions for controlling unexpected situations.
  • Be aware of the commands available to you. Type !help in the chat window to see the full list of commands.
  • In the case of an audio or video issue, input !muteall in the chat window to disable all video and audio features for those who do not have spotlight. (Input !unmuteall to re-enable the features.)
  • Before your event, you can add a list of blocked keywords in your event Space’s Space settings. Enter each word and separate them with a comma.
Note: Keyword blocking is case-sensitive, so be aware of this when making your list of blocked words.
  • If needed, you can use !kick followed by a user’s nickname to remove them from the Space. The kick function will ban the user for 24 hours and cannot be reversed, so consider your options carefully before using this command.
  • You are also able to delete the chat history with the !clear command if it contains inappropriate content or spam messages.

5. Mini-Game Instructions

When hosting a game where rewards will be given out, please make sure you understand how to play mini-games in ZEP before the event.
Those with permission roles of Staff or above can close a ZEP Mini-Game if they jump on the box. All event management members must be aware of this.

6. Important Notes for Hosts (Event Staff)

Recommended Checklist
  • When sharing your screen, if you want the shared screen’s audio to be broadcast to your Space, make sure you check
    Share system audio. Please note that when sharing a screen with audio, that user’s microphone will no longer be heard.
  • Check the total number of users for group interactive events. For stability, ZEP Space's users are split into different channels upon reaching 500 users per channel. Although users with Admin permission roles have their avatar, audio, video, and chat messages displayed across all channels, it is recommended that Spotlight be turned on as well.
  • Do a rehearsal with the same network environment as the event day and check if the device setup for video and audio share are working properly. If possible, please avoid Friday mornings KST (UTC +9) because that is when the platform is updated, which can sometimes introduce temporary instability.
Other Important Things to Note
  • When an error occurs on the map, input !destroy in the chat window to refresh. All users, including Admins, will be prompted to reenter the map.
  • When presenters access the map through various devices at the same time, it may result in audio feedback. Please use one device for audio or use earphones.
  • You can download the visit history file in your Space’s detailed settings page. The history of the users who have not signed in is not included. If you wish to obtain more advanced analytic data or need other specialized features, please contact to discuss premium service agreements.

7. Information Notes for Users (Event Participants)

Below are some good things to share to event participants prior to the event day. You may want to consider using a tutorial image or sending a link to the ZEP guide before the event for participants to refer to.
Recommended Checklist
  • For mobile device users, it is recommended to use the Chrome browser or ZEP application for stable use of the service.
Other Important Things to Note
  • Profile Icon: Can change the nickname by clicking the profile pic icon on the top-right
  • F: Interact with portals or objects by pressing this key
  • Z: Poke another specific user by pressing this key
  • X: Make avatars sit down by pressing this key (automatically turns off when avatars move)
  • Space bar: Makes avatars jump by pressing this key
For smoother interactions with objects and other users, closing other browser tabs and exiting other software programs is recommended. The criteria for comfortable service use may vary according to the number of concurrent users or the size of the maps. The specifications below are minimum specifications for simple use, such as 1-on-1 meetings.
The PC version does not have any major problems if you meet the specifications to run Chrome.
  • Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, comparable model or above (RAM 3GB)
  • Computer: 4 core CPU and 4GB or above
  • For environments with many concurrent users,
    • please close other tabs and applications that are not in use and refrain from multitasking.
The following are the recommended network speed converted for mobile use.
  • Sharing both screen and audio
  • Minimum upload speed: 3 Mbps or more (1 bit unit)
  • Minimum download speed: 10 Mbps or more (1 bit unit)
  • For environments with many concurrent users,
    • the recommended network speed is at least 60 to 70 Mbps