ZEP Guidebook (EN)

ZEM (Donation System)

ZEM Currency & Donation System

ZEP has added ZEM, a currency for use on the platform.
ZEM can be donated to other users and revenue can be made through settlement.
  • Maps, objects, apps, and mini-games can be purchased with ZEM.
  • On the homepage, press your profile name > click the Charge button to add ZEM to your account.
  • The prices may vary a bit between web browser, iOS, and android.
  • A 30% fee for using the ZEP platform will be charged at the time of withdrawal when you use the settlement page.
To donate, click the avatar of the person you wish to donate to, or press Donation Ranking on the left sidebar.
In addition to ZEM, cryptocurrency can also be donated.
  • When making a donation, you can attach an image (from Giphy) and a message. All users in the Space can see the message and the gif.
  • The host can set a ZEM Host Commission Rate in order to monetize donations in their Space. Hosts can also deactivate the donation feature if they so desire.